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Demonstrated Movements & Age-Appropriate Strength (10 years old)

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Understanding your Child's Sensory Signa
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"We often target behaviors before we understand their adaptive purpose for the child."  Mona Delahooke - author of Beyond Behaviors

Evaluate Plan Treat
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"Why are you being so quiet?" - Susan Cain - Author of Quiet Power

Growth Mindset Book
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Ages 6-9

Ages 8-12

Kids need a "time in" rather than a time out.  Edward Hallowell, Author ADHD 2.0

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There's been a shift from play-based childhood to phone-based development, combined with over-protection in the real world and under-protection in the virtual world.  Parents who raise their children in a bubble, may be blocking the development of competence, self-control, frustration tolerance and emotional self management.  Jonathan Haidt, "The Anxious Generation"

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We make hundreds of micro-decisions about food that can change our genetic and physiologic fate.  Casey Means, author of Good Energy.  ADHD, Autism, diabetes, anxiety, dermatitis, allergies, acne, etc. are related to poor cellular energy production, mitochondrial dysfunction, or oxidative stress.  Ultra-processed foods make up almost 70 percent of children's modern consume up to 3,000 more fructose than they did 100 years ago, and it's all processed at a cellular level. 

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The Way of the Warrior Kid is a five-book series by #1 New York Times-bestselling author and retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink.  He addresses effort, strength, and problem solving, empowering children to find inner strength to overcome adversity and be their best. 

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