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Trisha Crawford Occupational Therapy Loudoun County

Trisha Crawford is a pediatric Occupational Therapist and owner of TLC Occupational Therapy, LLC, located in Purcellville, Loudoun County Virginia.  Trisha obtained her Occupational Therapy degree in 2001, from the University of Kansas Medical Center.  Trisha began her career as an Occupational Therapist in a hospital setting, providing acute care to those suffering from strokes and traumatic brain injuries.  She has also provided home health assistance to help patients manage safely and productively at home.  Trisha's passion is pediatric therapy, helping kids with sensory processing disorders, food texture aversions, Autism, Down Syndrome, developmental and motor delays, and various neurological disorders.  As an NBCOT certified Occupational Therapist focused on pediatrics, Trisha has extensive training and experience developing appropriate treatment plans in collaboration with parents and other health professionals, to address self-regulation, sensory needs, adaptive skills, motor development and social participation.  Whether the goal is to allow a child to attend regular education classrooms, improve handwriting to keep up with peers and complete assignments, or function in loud or busy environments, Occupational Therapy can help.  Trisha's passion is to help children become more independent, gain important age-appropriate skills, and have an improved quality of life.    

Prior to forming TLC Occupational Therapy, LLC, Trisha was the Therapeutic Services Director at Blue Ridge Speech & Hearing. 

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TLC Occupational Therapy Review
Trisha Crawford providing occupational therapy to a child with Down Syndrome

"My daughter Janella was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth. She has been working with Trisha almost her entire life. She has seen her when she was a baby, a toddler and now as a little girl. She has always been by her side and, I can't thank her enough for all her work with her. Trisha had a plan to target her weaknesses and teaching her new skills. Trisha is not scared to try new methods, and she is always pushing Janella to reach her goals and go above and beyond. Thanks to her and all her work, Janella is a very high functioning little girl and currently is going to first grade in general education. Thanks to Trisha and her knowledge and professionalism, Janella is what she is today. We love her so much!!! Thank you Trisha."  Elizabeth N.

Trisha Crawford, TLC Occupational Therapy Loudoun County
Trisha Crawford, TLC Occupational Therapy Loudoun County
TLC Occupational Therapy

"Trisha brings a wide variety of skills to help both the child and the parent in the home, in the public and in the school settings.  She is able to make suggestions about different resources to help the parent and child be successful outside of the therapy session as well.  Her strength is in observing the whole child and teaching the child to understand their body and environment and how they are related.  She is able to provide insight into what is needed for the child to be happy, independent and understood. 


Trisha is deeply committed to the overall emotional and physical progression of each child.  I would highly recommend her in these challenging times for the best outcome."  T.L.

Trisha Crawford, Occupational Therapist provides Occupational Therapy to Loudoun County, Purcellville, Leesburg, Round Hill, Hamilton Virginia

TLC Occupational Therapy
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