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"Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today."  Roy Bennett

At TLC Occupational Therapy, we provide in-clinic therapy sessions.  For anyone considering teletherapy or home-based therapy, we strongly suggest reading Trisha's viewpoints.

TLC Occupational Therapy Loudoun County
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Sensory Processing Treatment

This treatment helps children correctly process sensory information and develop appropriate responses to their environment.  This leads to improvements in a child’s motor coordination, attention, self-regulation, learning, social interaction and daily tasks.

Interactive Metronome

A computerized therapeutic program that helps children improve their coordination, balance, motor planning, sequencing, self-regulation, and cognitive skills. Click to learn more about the Interactive Metronome program, or watch our YouTube video below.

Therapeutic Listening
Auditory intervention which uses electronically modified music to treat children who have difficulty paying attention and trouble processing sensory information.  Click to view Vital Links information for parents.

Astronaut Training
Astronaut Training is used to improve vestibular function, which is vital for all sensory processing and movement control. This improves a child's ability to participate in daily and school activities.  Click to view the Astronaut Training overview for parents. 

Learning / Handwriting Without Tears

A multi-sensory handwriting program for children through grade 5. Click to learn more about Learning Without Tears.

Animal Assisted Therapy

Therapeutic intervention provided by a therapist incorporating a trainer and therapy dog to address a child’s goals. It is used to enhance and complement the benefits of traditional therapy.  Trisha has often partnered with Heeling House.  Please review our current flyer for our current partnership. 

Group Skill-Building Sessions

Group sessions for 4-5 children are available for current and past clients, at the TLC clinic location, generally the first Saturday of each month.  These sessions build upon the individual OT sessions within a group setting, utilizing games, crafts, obstacle courses, and animal-assisted therapy.  The activities will be indoor & outdoor, weather permitting.  These group sessions are $150 per child, not billable to insurance.  Please review the current flyer for group sessions. 

TLC Occupational Therapy
TLC Occupational Therapy Loudoun County
TLC Occupational Therapy, Loudoun County
TLC Occupational Therapy Loudoun County Purcellville Virginia
TLC Occupational Therapy
TLC Occupational Therapy

TLC Occupational Therapy, Occupational Therapist, Pediatric Occupational Therapy

TLC Occupational Therapy
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