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For more than 20 years as an Occupational Therapist, I’ve had extremely positive relationships with my clients and young friends, as reflected in the many 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook.  I currently have a high volume of referrals from past clients, physicians, and others who have heard of the impact I’ve had with children who have dealt with a wide variety of personal challenges.  As a result of the high demand for my services, I currently have a wait-list for new clients, and have paused the free 15-minute consultations.  I encourage parents to be selective when considering OT services, as many who rushed for OT services, have later informed me they wish they had waited to see me.  There’s a wait list for a reason. 

It’s difficult to estimate the length of the wait-list, for various reasons.  Every client has different OT needs, and recommended therapy for each client can range from weeks to months.  With new clients, the results of the evaluation will dictate how long that child's plan of care will be, and there's no way to forecast the treatment plans for those on the wait-list.  As existing clients meet their therapy goals and are suitable for discharge, I will offer that hour-long session time to the first person on the wait list whose schedule can accommodate that available session time.  Therefore, the wait time for those with a flexible schedule can be reduced.  I also take into consideration the age of the children and try to limit most pre-kindergarten children to the morning sessions.  The most sought-after times are after-school times and Saturdays, and the wait time for those available sessions is the longest.  Most parents pull their children out of school for the hour-long session times.  I will provide a note for the school upon request, although the need is rare. 

Due to the multiple hours it takes to complete the evaluation and comprehensive report, I only conduct evaluations for children who seemingly need therapy based on physician recommendations or parent reporting in line with an apparent OT need.  My focus is to conduct evaluations with those I can most likely help and must prioritize resources for those most in need.   

I look forward to helping children with their OT needs. 

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