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Credit Card Payments

I’m grateful for all my clients who have helped me keep my costs to a minimum, which allows me to better manage your costs.  All my mandatory expenses are slowly increasing, including the cost of rent, supplies, insurance, and software.  I’m unable to increase the rate of insurance reimbursement, and don’t want to raise any cost for those who pay out of pocket.  Therefore, I’m asking for your help with ways to cut back on my unnecessary expenses, starting with credit card processing fees. 


Most credit-card companies entice users with incentives such as points and rewards.  But, the costs of those incentives are passed on to the merchants in the form of fees.  This is why most businesses have a minimum purchase amount or charge a convenience fee for credit-card transactions, or just increase the cost of goods or services.  Businesses are losing money with each swipe of the credit card, which is still coming out of the customer’s pockets. 


Unfortunately, in my case, the convenience of keeping cards on file and accepting HSA/FSA cards that require manual entry, comes with the highest of all fees.  These conveniences become less appealing when considering the thousands of unnecessary dollars deducted from your payments.  Customers using credit cards are literally paying a bank for OT services rendered. 


Please help me ensure I’m able to collect your full payment without a portion going to a third-party vendor.  Those who have already taken steps to help, have allowed the redirection of enough fees to save me one month of rent this year alone.  If you sign up for Venmo, you can still link any credit card or bank account to your Venmo account.  When you then pay for services rendered, the funds are drawn from your desired source, while redirecting up to 3.7% of the funds to me rather than the credit card companies.  If there is any problem linking an HSA/FSA card to Venmo, please consider writing a check from your HSA/FSA account, or use another form of payment and then reimburse yourself via your authorized medical expenses (writing yourself a check, on-line transfers, etc.). 


The very last thing I want to do is to charge a convenience fee or stop accepting HSA/FSA cards, which is why I ask for your support.  Starting on October 1, 2023, I will charge a 3% fee for all credit card transactions.  I'm unable to add any fees to the HSA/FSA cards, so I won't accept these cards after October 1st. 


I've included a link to Cigna's guide for self-reimbursement through the HSA/FSA accounts, and this seems to also mirror the process for other providers.  .

Thanks for allowing me to reduce what seems like a waste of money.

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